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Welcome to Dr.Lony’s Official Website


This is Dr.Lony ‘s Official Webpage .

This page is about Dr.Lony’s Works and Videos . Here Dr.Lony fans can enjoy videos and works of Dr.Lony and can know latest post by Dr.Lony .

Dr.Lony is Professionally a Dental Surgeon , Besides that He creates different kinds of videos and music .

In media , Lony Even Himself doesnt know what he will create. WHENEVER , WHATEVER FEELS GOOD, HE CREATES.

Dr.Lony Works as Dental surgeon in his own Dental Clinic L’s Dental Care.
Creates , Composes , Playes , Sings and does all the music works in his own Music Studio L’s Recording Studio.
Creates , Directs , Shoots , Edits videos in his own editing pannel.

Here is #DrLony ‘s youtube channel link where you can see different kinds of Funny videos , Prank videos , Magic Videos , Dr.Lony’s Songs , Stunt videos and many other videos Produced by Dr.Lony .
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Previous Audio album : Neelima.
Lony ‘ s 1st solo album was released on 2004 named ‘NOSHTO MANOB’. That was completely a Hard Rock and Metal type of Album. In that time a Mixed album also released where One song of Lony was present. Then after long gap on 2010 Lony ‘ s 2nd solo album ‘ NEELIMA ‘ released. This album is Full of Completely Soft and Melodious songs. Total music of this Album was done in Lony’s Home Studio – L’s Recording Studio. The Music Video of NEELIMA is created by LONY and was released from his own Production company L’s Music.